Ryuta Tomono considers himself a contemporary hair artist, the fruit of a groundbreaking and advanced vision of hairdressing.
He feels such true passion and pride in his profession that it has led him to focus on it as one more artistic discipline that is expressed through hairstyles, makeup and fashion.
His totally groundbreaking vision of hairdressing has led him to create extraordinary designs that have received recognition from all corners of the planet. For Ryuta Tomono, positioning hair as an artistic material allows him to work with it without limitations, with greater freedom. In his words, as an artist "I strive to be the deep sea, without limits or end". This concept gives his work refreshing and warm nuances at the same time and allows him to explore hairdressing as a process of discovering wonderful images that are yet to be seen.
Working with hair as a material presents technical difficulties determined by physical factors, such as gravity, which must be overcome in order to capture ideas and shape an image that is the fruit of imagination. However, overcoming all these obstacles is a magical process and the result is "more than surreal," says Ryuta Tomono.
For the hairdresser, art should not be just beauty, it should also be emotional, regardless of whether it suggests surprise or joy. The important thing is that it does not leave you indifferent and that it produces an inner reaction. In addition, for him art should not be a calm lake without waves, but the reflection of the source of life and sometimes an ocean that devours everything and turns it into algae.
At the same time, it can contain all the beauty, but by taking a step forward it places himself in confrontation with the reality of the outside world, a reality that sometimes provokes rejection. For this reason, he invites us to imagine true beauty in those moments in which we want to connect with it, allowing us to feel the artistic pieces as rays of light.
Ultimately, his perception of hair and hairdressing as superior art creates a space of madness, one that emerges between sensitivity and creativity, fascinated by its delicacy and exceptional set of skills.