The Soul Trembles


Inspired by Chiharu Shiota's art exhibition "The Soul Trembles"
I expressed and probed the Origins of Death/Life through this collection.
And of course, the cosmic view of Shiota as well.

“When a human life reaches the end of its prescribed lifespan,perhaps it dissolves into the universe.
Perhaps death does not involve a transformation into nothingness and oblivion,but is merely a phenomenon of dissolution.
Going from life to death is not an extinguishing,
but a process of dissolving into something vaster.
If this is the case, then there is not need any longer to fear death.
Both dying and living belong to the same dimensions.”-Chiharu Shiota-


"Threads become tangled,intertwined, broken off, unraveled.
They constantly reflect a part of my mental state,
as if they were expressing the state oh human relationship.-Chiharu Shiota"