Sensory Seas


For this design , I draw inspiration from the sensory processes that occur between the intricate composition of the human body, mirrored with the fibrous marine ecology of our oceans. The  threads of inspiration came from the Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen's sensational collection "Sensory Seas".

Matching the ebb and flow of arresting sensations from neuron to ocean, changeantsilks ripple buoyantly. Swaying serenely, they are at the liberty of change, regenerating amongst the immensity of the ocean, to the silent, yet eternal chattering of our senses.
I was fascinated by the sensory processes that occur in the complex composition of the human body and the beauty and academic depth of the delicately branched deep-sea creature ‘Hydrozoa’.


Shifting between a polypoid stage and a medusa stage, the Hydrozoa embroider the oceans like aqueous fabrics, forming layers of living lace. 
‘Sensory Seas’ holds a microscope over the indelible nuances between the anthropology of a marine organism, to the role of dendrites and synapses delivering infinite signals throughout our bodies.


3D printing, digital printing, laser cutting.
It may be the world's first design to apply these cutting-edge technologies to hair design.
Through this design, I would like to boldly question whether human beings were born from the senses, whether the human beings were born afterwards, and whether humans were born from the sea or would be returned to the sea in the distant future.

Hair&Art Direction&Visual Arts...Ryuta Tomono @ryuta_hairarchitect
Make up& Photography... Tomomitsu Nagahama @nagahama.t.nicole
Model... Lena @lenavpr
Wardrobe... anna choi @anna___choi